The Anodamine surface-active molecular architecture has been designed to offer a 50/50 to 60/40 volatile to non-volatile partion ratio.

The Anodamine brached, surface-active, film-forming chemistry has a molecular architecture that has been specifically configured to offer a very desirable approximately 60 % volatile to 40 % non-volatile partition ratio at high temperatures and pressures, with non-detectable degradation products at target concentrations and active residuals of 800 - 1,000 ppb.

This very unique partition ratio allows the chemistry to protect metal and improve stability of all exposed oxides, in all sections of the entire steam water cycle, including the critical 2-phase locations that are susceptible to FAC.

The Anodamine chemistry does not change the pH of the boiler drum, saturated or super-heated steam, condensate or feed water. The chemistry does not appreciably change the standard electrical conductivity or the CACE even when exposed to elevated dosages at orders of magnitude higher than normal dosage requirements.

The Anodamine product offers no risks to cycle chemistry compliance or formation of “gum balls” irrespective of dosage or magnitude of active residual maintained in the cycle.

Please see sections “Thermal Stability” and “Full OEM Compliance”.

Complete Cycle Protection

Anodamine offers complete metal protection to all water or steam-touched surfaces in both single and two-phase areas, leaving one with the peace of mind that their capital assets are well-protected and reliable in all locations. Protection is applicable to any all-ferrous or mixed metallurgies systems without compromise.