Our chemistry ensures full compliance with OEM steam quality guidelines with cation conductivities of < 0.2 µS/cm.

Numerous international standards exist for steam water cycle chemistry controls (Energy Power Research Institute – EPRI, German VGB, IAPWS etc), in addition to leading turbine OEM guidelines for steam quality compliance to turbines.

The importance of these standards cannot be over emphasized in one’s quest for optimal treatment effect, plant reliability and asset protection.

IAPWS and EPRI are both leading international non-profit associations concerned with the properties of water and steam, research, cycle chemistry guidelines, and other aspects of high-temperature steam, water and aqueous mixtures pertaining to thermal power cycles and other industrial and scientific applications.

All steam users and producers should strive to ensure compliance with these international standards. With cycle chemistry and operational compliance comes improved asset reliability and availability.

The Anodamine surface active technology is a unique advance

in film forming metal protection that is thermally stable and which offers full compliance with all international guidelines.

Anodamine is successfully applied on many high pressure boilers ranging from natural and forced circulation, sub critical drum units, all ferrous and mixed metallurgy units, HRSG and cogeneration configurations, with air cooled and/or evaporative condensers, through to super critical once through generators, the latter delivering an operational CACE of approx. 0.08 uS/cm whilst maintaining a routine dosage of 1 ppm proportional to feed water and an active measured Anodamine residual of 800 -1000 ppb.

A significant number of users across multiple high pressure operational and layup units ranging from base load, transient load, cold starts, peaking units, short and long term reserve layups, have all shown Anodamine to deliver a powerful protection solution, with full international and OEM compliance during these challenging operational practices, this where most conventional chemistries fall short.

Steam Quality

Anodamine ensures full compliance with OEM steam quality guidelines with cation conductivities of < 0.2 µS/cm. Moreover, there are no installation risks if overdosed.